Gulf Coast Reads

Every October the Wharton County Library participates in the Gulf Coast Reads Program.

Gulf Coast Reads is an annual regional reading initiative focused on promoting the simultaneous reading or listening to a selected title by those living along the upper Texas Gulf Coast.

Each year, a representative committee of librarians selects a title that has a broad appeal to adults in our communities, is recognized in authoritative and professional journals, is available in multiple formats from print to downloadable content, and preferably, is available in multiple languages. The title should also lend itself to related programming about the themes or subjects within.

The reading initiative’s goal is to encourage our communities to read the same title during the month of October in order to encourage readers to come together in discussions about it with neighbors, co-workers, friends and their families, as well as in classrooms and in libraries throughout the region.

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2022 Gulf Coast Reads

Participate in Gulf Coast Reads by choosing what you want to read! Each year, the Gulf Coast Reads Committee selects books that have broad appeal to adults and young adults, and that encourage dialogue about important issues.

For the second year in a row, you, the readers, will decide the Gulf Coast Reads selection. Which book would you prefer for this year’s Gulf Coast Reads?

  1. Lone Stars by Justin Deabler: This generous and epic takes the reader through generations of a singular family, whose loves and losses also tell us a story about America itself.
  2. Forget the Alamo by Bryan Burrough, Chris Tomlinson & Jason Stanford : Three noted Texan writers combine forces to tell the real story of the Alamo, dispelling the myths, exploring why they had their day for so long, and explaining why the ugly fight about its meaning is now coming to a head.
  3. On Juneteenth by Annette Gordon-Reed: The essential, sweeping story of Juneteenth’s integral importance to American history, as told by a Pulitzer Prize–winning historian and Texas native.

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