Wharton: In her Shoes

1 in 4 women have been in an abusive relationship. October begins Domestic Violence awareness month and in preparation, The Crisis Center has partnered with Wharton County Public Library System to bring an eye-opening experience to the community.

“In Her Shoes” is an activity based on the real-life experiences of women with abusive partners. It is intended to help participants understand the ups and downs a battered woman experiences over the course of many years through different scenarios. As you go through it you will ask yourself, what would you choose?

The content of this activity can be graphic. Please be advised there is mention of strong language, assault, sexual assault, and loss of life. This activity encourages everyone to think creatively about the ways we can work together to end domestic violence.

The event is finished.


Sep 26 2023


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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